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The Cyber Zombie Society NFT

The Cyber Zombie Society is a collection of 3,333 unique, hand-drawn, digital Cyber Zombies placed on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Cyber Zombie holder will get access to many amazing features, along with an exclusive membership in the Cyber Zombie Society!

Public mint is live

Limit per wallet = 10 NFTs

Total price

0.3 ETH



Be part of the Cyber Zombie Society

Cyber Zombie Society NFTs are a collection of only 3,333 unique, digital collectibles placed on the Ethereum blockchain, designed and hand-drawn by an experienced and extremely talented artist from Morocco, Mr. Sofian Elmaqrout.

Each Cyber Zombie holder will not only get access to many great utilities and features, such as a USD 10,000 giveaway, custom merchandise, blue-checkmark NFT airdrops, a chance to participate in USD 10,000 charity donation, and much more.

But mainly, each Cyber Zombie holder will get exclusive membership in the Cyber Zombie Society.

Discover more about the artist here


All Cyber Zombie Society illustrations are hand-drawn by talented and experienced artist, Mr. Sofian Elmaqrout (more info about the artist here).

The Cyber Zombie Society isn’t another anonymous NFT project. Our team is fully DOXXED. Each member of the team is a specialist in his domain!

Having only 3,333 NFTs in the collection will make Cyber Zombie Society NFT ownership even more exclusive! Each Cyber Zombie costs 0.1 ETH in pre-sale. Public mint price will start on 0.1 ETH.

Members of the Cyber Zombie Society will get access to many frequent and valuable giveaways. Only in our ROADMAP, we are giving away three Blue-checkmark NFTs and USD 10,000 back to the Cyber Zombie Society members!

Owning a Cyber Zombie Society NFT isn’t just about having a stunning PFP-NFT. One of the main utilities each holder will get is ALPHA community access and Cyber Zombie Society membership, which provides you with many benefits in order to ultimately become the best version of yourself!

This is a long-term project for us, and that’s why we have worked hard on the long-term vision for the Cyber Zombie Society. Check out the Cyber Zombie Society plans to better get to know the long-term vision.


We know a high-quality roadmap is a necessity of any successful NFT project. That’s why we have spent a lot of time putting our ROADMAP and future vision together, so we can bring as much value to Cyber Zombie Society members as possible.

Roadmap 1

10% minted

Cyber Zombies are waking up

After 10% of the 3,333 Cyber Zombies are minted, we will MINT 33 Cyber Zombies for the team and for the community wallet.

20% minted

Cyber Zombies get to know their rarity

This will be the perfect moment to get listed on rarity-checking sites, so you can check out the rarity of your Cyber Zombies.

Roadmap 2
Roadmap 3

30% minted

Cyber Zombies are getting rolex watches

30% means that 1,000 are minted. It’s time to choose the winner of the Rolex giveaway. A brand-new stylish Rolex Datejust, or USD 10,000 worth of ETH, will be given away to one lucky Cyber Zombie Society NFT holder! (1 NFT = 1 entry)

50% minted

Cyber Zombies get more NFTs

Who doesn't like more NFTs? At 50% minted, we will give away three blue-checkmark NFTs! And the best part is that the community will determine these three NFTs by voting.

Roadmap 4
Roadmap 5

60% minted

Cyber Zombies got style

It’s time to get your zombie dress on! Get your Cyber Zombie Society merchandise with your own NFT on it!

80% minted

Cyber Zombies are generous

Although we are Cyber Zombies, we are still very generous. That’s why we will donate USD 10,000 to a good cause. The Cyber Zombie Society will choose which causes we should donate money to by voting. 1 Cyber Zombie NFT ownership = 1 VOTE.

Roadmap 6
Roadmap 7

90% minted

Cyber Zombies get to know about the upcoming Cyber Zombie NFT collection + rewards for loyal zombies

It’s time to announce another NFT collection that will be a perfect match with your Cyber Zombie Society NFTs. And because we want to reward all the loyal Cyber Zombie Society members, each holder of three or more Cyber Zombie Society NFTs will get this upcoming NFT airdropped for free!

100% minted

The big moment is here - Cyber Zombie society starts!

This is just the beginning! After all of 3,333 Cyber Zombie Society NFTs are minted, the Cyber Zombie Society finally starts!

The Cyber Zombie Society will bring so many benefits, options, and utilities to each member that it’s impossible to describe them all in a few sentences. That’s why we have created a whole section about what the Society is going to bring to all the holders. Check it out!

Roadmap 8

The society

As a team of experienced developers, we understand the importance of having a strong future vision for an NFT project in order for it to have long-term success. That’s why we are excited to share with you the long-term utility we believe will make the Cyber Zombie Society NFT ownership more exclusive and valuable overtime.

As a Cyber Zombie Society NFT holder, you will essentially become a member of the Cyber Zombie Society, which will give you a tremendous amount of benefits and utility!

What are the future plans, benefits, and utilities for the Cyber Zombie Society?

ALPHA discord for society members only

Cyber Zombie Society ALPHA Discord

Discussions around interesting topics like Crypto, other NFT projects and their potential, investments, entrepreneurship, success, and life in general

Community of like-minded individuals and NFT enthusiasts

Frequent AMAs with special guests & celebs

Regular AMAs/interviews /discussions with special NFT guests and celebs

Society members will vote to determine these guests and discussion topics

The primary goal is education and expanding everyone’s knowledge around NFTs and crypto

Traits hidden utilities

A lot of the Cyber Zombie Society Traits will have their own hidden utilities! We will announce these special utilities after minting to encourage hodling and to surprise some of the future holders.

These special utilities can also mean huge giveaways and other benefits for owners of Cyber Zombie Society NFTs with these particular benefits.

Worldwide events

The Cyber Zombie Society vision is all about networking and sharing knowledge within the society. That’s why we are planning to hold several meetups, conferences, parties and networking events!

We are talking about locations like Dubai (UAE), Los Angeles (USA), Prague (Czech Republic), Berlin (Germany), London (United Kingdom), Singapore, and more.

Huge society giveaways

We want to be giving back to the Cyber Zombie Society members! That’s why there will be frequent and regular rich giveaways for the Society members!

The only way how you can become the Cyber Zombie Society member is, obviously, to own some Cyber Zombie Society NFTs!

Cyber Zombie Society NFTs

The only way how you can become the Cyber Zombie Society member is, obviously, to own some Cyber Zombie Society NFTs!

The society

Not your typical NFT

Membership in this exclusive community of like-minded people will bring you even more benefits, such as access to private ALPHA Channels, access to weekly AMAs with exclusive guests, the possibility of attending several NFT networking events worldwide for the Cyber Zombie Society members in the future, and much more! Check out more info about the Cyber Zombie Society here!

The Cyber Zombie Society isn’t your typical collectible NFT. Owning a Cyber Zombie Society NFT will give you much more than just a piece of amazing artwork!

Furthermore, the core Cyber Zombie Society team is FULLY DOXXED and very experienced! Check out the Cyber Zombie Society team HERE!

Discover more about our team
Society 1
Society 2
Society 3
Society 4
NFT Devs

Sofian Elmaqrout

About the artist

Sofian Elmaqrout has been a graphic designer for eleven years and therefore has a ton of experience creating fabulous digital art and illustrations.

Ever since Sofian was a kid, drawing and making art has been his passion. He started with paper anime drawings when he was only five, and moved to digital drawings full-time when he turned sixteen, which was also the beginning of his successful career as a digital artist.

During the past eleven years, Sofian has worked with many clients from around the world, often on extremely complex and large projects.

When asked what his favorite things to draw are, Sofian said, “If I had to choose my number-one favorite thing to draw, it would definitely be drawing an NFT collection, as it's very complicated art that brings up a lot of challenges. And real artists love to be challenged!”

All the artistic work in the Cyber Zombie Society NFT collection has been 100% hand drawn. Sofian first uses papers to sketch and develop the idea about the drawing, and then moves to a graphic tablet to bring the art to life.

Sofian also says the Cyber Zombie Society designs are one of the best deigns he has ever made, as they are a mix of highly detailed 2D and 3D designs with very complicated characters and futuristic traits.

We hope you like the Cyber Zombie Society artworks as well.

Frequently asked questions

Each of the 3,333 Cyber Zombies will cost ETH 0.1 (+ gas fees) in pre-sale. The price in public sale will start on 0.1 ETH. We are 100% convinced that the value coming from the Society membership will be worth much more than what the minting price is.

Public sale of the Cyber Zombie Society NFTs will start on November 21, 2021, at 5 PM UTC. Your NFTs will reveal 72 hours after the public sale start.

Yes. You can (and should) join VIP Whitelist for early minting access and discounted mint price by securing your whitelist spot. Whitelist conditions are announced in our Discord, where you can also manage to get your VIP Whitelist.

Cyber Zombie Society NFT minting will be available only on this official website.

You can mint as many Cyber Zombie Society NFTs as you want. However, we recommend you mint at least three Cyber Zombies, so you get the 90% ROADMAP NFT airdropped for free!

In pre-sale (only for whitelisted members of our community), the maximum amount available to mint in pre-sale per transaction is 3. In the public sale, you will be able to mint maximum of ten Cyber Zombies per transaction.

After you mint your Cyber Zombie NFTs, you will see them in your OpenSea account (after connecting your wallet to the OpenSea website).

Cyber Zombie Society NFTs are placed on the Ethereum blockchain, as ERC-721 non-fungible tokens.

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